Hot Spring Spas by Watkins Manufacturing is the world's number one selling brand! Since 1977, Hot Spring has led the industry in quality, technology, and innovation. Hot Spring has been providing enjoyment, ease of use, energy efficiency, and the ultimate in relaxation for more than 35 years! Please click on the link to view the entire line of Hot Spring Spas. 

At the Hot Spring Spa website, you will also find links to Limelight and Hot Spot spas. Limelight hot tubs offer beauty in design, great features, and solid performance. Hot Spot tubs provide quality and features at a price that fits your budget. As a Hot Spring dealer, we offer a variety of spas to fit your budget, style, and needs, while delivering quality and reliability. Come visit our showroom where we have a variety of spas on display. We are also an authorized service center for Hot Spring, Limelight, and Hot Spot spas so you can know that service is just a phone call away if needed.  

Wondering how much a spa costs? Check out this article here.

Here are links to the models that we have in stock:

Hot Spring Jetsetter 

Hot Spring Prodigy

Hot Spot Relay 

Hot Spot TX 

Limelight Flair


Spa Fragrance

Spazazz! The Original Aromatherapy Spa Experience! Highly concentrated, long-lasting products make Spazazz a great value! All natural blends include fresh fruits and wildflowers, eucalyptus and camphor, and earth's natural elements. 

Spazazz is available in crystals and elixirs and has been formulated to be safe for spas, hot tubs, jetted tubs, and bath tubs. 

Captivate your senses - unwind and entertain in the comfort of your home. Invigorate. Relieve. Sooth. Calm. Restore. Spazazz is more than a name - It's Therapy!


Why Hot Spring NXT?  Check out their unique style.

Hot Springs Style